The evaluation of energy efficiency policies in Europe

June 13 2019, 09:00 to 16:00, Fraunhofer EU Office Brussels, 94, Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels

The aim of EPATEE’s European Peer-Learning Workshops is to provide a platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge and discuss existing practices of the evaluation of energy efficiency policies.

The workshops serve at achieving one of EPATEE’s main targets: to enable peer-to-peer experience sharing and capacity building.

The agenda of the 4th European Peer-Learning Workshop will focus on: 

  • Presenting the policy evaluation support tools developed in EPATEE, putting emphasis on the just released Online Toolbox for policy evaluation. 
  • Stakeholders’ experiences with ongoing and finalised energy efficiency policy evaluations: 
    • A keynote speech on the importance of evaluation in view of the governance of the Energy Union by Rados Horacek, Directorate-General for Energy in the European Commission 
    • Linkages between energy-climate EU directives, EU regulations and rules for policy evaluation 
    • Experiences with the monitoring and evaluation of the Efficiency Schemes in Europe

All registered participants will receive the final agenda as well as any other preparatory material well in advance of the workshop.

To register for the workshop, please fill out the form below:


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